Fixture list 2009 - 2010

1st October 2009                            7th January 2010

Tivoli Tavern       v  The Farm House       Optimists A          v  The Farm House

St. John's Hotel    v  Devils Hole          Tivoli Tavern        v  Devils Hole

St. Brelade's S.C.  v  Optimists B          Bye                  v  Optimists B 

Optimists A         v  Trinity Arms         St. Brelade's S.C.   v  Trinity Arms


8th October 2009                            14th January 2010

The Farm House      v  St. John's Hotel     Optimists A          v  St. Brelade's S.C.

Devils Hole         v  St. Brelade's S.C.   Tivoli Tavern        v  Bye

Optimists B         v  Optimists A          Trinity Arms         v  The Farm House

Trinity Arms        v  Tivoli Tavern        Devils Hole          v  Optimists B


15th October 2009                           21st January 2010

St. Brelade's S.C.  v  The Farm House       Bye                  v  Optimists A

Optimists A         v  Devils Hole          Optimists B          v  Trinity Arms

Tivoli Tavern       v  Optimists B          St. Brelade's S.C.   v  Tivoli Tavern

St. John's Hotel    v  Trinity Arms         The Farm House       v  Devils Hole


22nd October 2009                           28th January 2010

The Farm House      v  Optimists A          Tivoli Tavern        v  Optimists A

Devils Hole         v  Tivoli Tavern        Optimists B          v  The Farm House

Optimists B         v  St. John's Hotel     Devils Hole          v  Trinity Arms

Trinity Arms        v  St. Brelade's S.C.   Bye                  v  St. Brelade's S.C.


29th October 2009                           4th February 2010

St. Brelade's S.C.  v  Optimists A          Tivoli Tavern        v  The Farm House

St. John's Hotel    v  Tivoli Tavern        Bye                  v  Devils Hole

The Farm House      v  Trinity Arms         St. Brelade's S.C.   v  Optimists B

Optimists B         v  Devils Hole          Optimists A          v  Trinity Arms


5th November 2009                           11th February 2010

Optimists A         v  St. John's Hotel

Trinity Arms        v  Optimists B          Devils Hole          v  St. Brelade's S.C.

Tivoli Tavern       v  St. Brelade's S.C.   Optimists B          v  Optimists A

Devils Hole         v  The Farm House       Trinity Arms         v  Tivoli Tavern


12th November 2009                          18th February 2010

Optimists A         v  Tivoli Tavern        St. Brelade's S.C.   v  Bye

The Farm House      v  Optimists B          Optimists A          v  Devils Hole

Trinity Arms        v  Devils Hole          Tivoli Tavern        v  Optimists B

St. Brelade's S.C.  v  St. John's Hotel     Bye                  v  Trinity Arms


19th November 2009                          25th February 2010

The Farm House      v  Tivoli Tavern        Bye                  v  Optimists A

Devils Hole         v  St. John's Hotel     Devils Hole          v  Tivoli Tavern

Optimists B         v  St. Brelade's S.C.   Optimists B          v  Bye

Trinity Arms        v  Optimists A          Trinity Arms         v  St. Brelade's S.C.


26th November 2009                          4th March 2010

St. John's Hotel    v  The Farm House       St. Brelade's S.C.   v  Optimists A

St. Brelade's S.C.  v  Devils Hole          Bye                  v  Tivoli Tavern

Optimists A         v  Optimists B          The Farm House       v  Bye

Tivoli Tavern       v  Trinity Arms         Optimists B          v  Devils Hole


3rd December 2009                           11th March 2010

The Farm House      v  St. Brelade's S.C.   Optimists A          v  Bye

Devils Hole         v  Optimists A          Trinity Arms         v  Optimists B

Optimists B         v  Tivoli Tavern        Tivoli Tavern        v  St. Brelade's S.C.

Trinity Arms        v  St. John's Hotel     Devils Hole          v  Bye


                                            18th March 2010

                                            Optimists A          v  Tivoli Tavern

                                            The Farm House       v  Bye

                                            Trinity Arms         v  Devils Hole

                                            St. Brelade's S.C.   v  Bye


10th December 2009  Champion of champions    Tivoli Tavern  v  St. Brelade's S.C.

To be played at the Tivoli Tavern.


End of season events

25th March 2010    Devils Hole  V  Trinity Arms

                   Optimists A  V  Tivoli

                   To be played at the home teams venues.

1st April 2010 Doubles knock out - To be played at Optimists club.

8th April 2010 Singles knock out - At the Devils hole.

29th April 2010 Singles and pairs - Finals night at St. Brelade's Social Club.

6th May 2010 Captains cup at the Trinity Arms.


Annual dinner Saturday 22nd May 2010 - Venue to be announced


General information

Singles                 8 Games - Each game best of 3 legs.

Doubles                 4 Games - Each game best of 3 legs.

Gallon                  1 Game - Best of 3 legs.


Scoring Singles  1 Point per game with a win bonus of 3 points for the overall match winner.

                        1 Point per team for a drawn match.

Scoring Doubles  1 Point per game with a win bonus of 3 points for the overall match winner.

                        1 Point per team for a drawn match.

Scoring Gallon     Win  2 - 0    3 Points

                   Win  2 - 1    2 Points

                   Lose 1 - 2    1 Point


Special league rule

If a jack is turned up when a player requires only 1 or 2 points to finish a game, the 2 points

normally allowed can not be taken.


Games to commence by 8:30 pm


Team information          Captain                Venue   Home

St. Johns Hotel              MarkBailhache             864690  865439

The Farm House               Lee Morley                861697

Tivoli Tavern                John O'Connor             872622  875043

Devile Hole                  Mick Cotillard            485307  482543

Optimists A                  Sue Pugsley               731567  743976

Optimists B                  Lisa Pugsley              731567  07797 837097

St. Brelade's Social Club    Clive Reed                499290  499268

Trinity Arms                 Rob Benest                864691  483099


Lecky                        07797 716543