Fixture list 2010 - 2011

7th October 2010                            6th January 2011

BYE                 v  Trinity Arms         BYE                  v  Trinity Arms

Optimists A         v  Optimists B          Optimists A          v  Optimists B

St. Brelade's S.C.  v  Devils Hole          St. Brelade's S.C.   v  Devils Hole


14th October 2010                           13th January 2011

Devils Hole         v  BYE                  Devils Hole          v  BYE

Optimists B         v  St. Brelade's S.C.   Optimists B          v  St. Brelade's S.C.

Trinity Arms        v  Optimists A          Trinity Arms         v  Optimists A


21st October 2010                           20th January 2011

BYE                 v  Optimists B          BYE                  v  Optimists B

Optimists A         v  St. Brelade's S.C.   Optimists A          v  St. Brelade's S.C.

Trinity Arms        v  Devils Hole          Trinity Arms         v  Devils Hole


28th October 2010                           27th January 2011

St. Brelade's S.C.  v  BYE                  St. Brelade's S.C.   v  BYE

Devils Hole         v  Optimists A          Devils Hole          v  Optimists A

Optimists B         v  Trinity Arms         Optimists B          v  Trinity Arms


4th November 2010                           3rd February 2011

Optimists A         v  BYE                  Optimists A          v  BYE

St. Brelade's S.C.  v  Trinity Arms         St. Brelade's S.C.   v  Trinity Arms

Devils Hole         v  Optimists B          Devils Hole          v  Optimists B


11th November 2010                          10th February 2011

Trinity Arms        v  BYE                  Trinity Arms         v  BYE         

Optimists B         v  Optimists A          Optimists B          v  Optimists A

Devils Hole         v  St. Brelade's S.C.   Devils Hole          v  St. Brelade's S.C.


End of season events


18th November 2010                          17th February 2011

BYE                 v  Devils Hole          BYE                  v  Devils Hole

St. Brelade's S.C.  v  Optimists B          St. Brelade's S.C.   v  Optimists B

Optimists A         v  Trinity Arms         Optimists A          v  Trinity Arms


25th November 2010                          24th February 2011

Optimists B         v  BYE                  Optimists B          v  BYE

St. Brelade's S.C.  v  Optimists A          St. Brelade's S.C.   v  Optimists A

Devils Hole         v  Trinity Arms         Devils Hole          v  Trinity Arms


2nd December 2010                           3rd March 2011

BYE                 v  St. Brelade's S.C.   BYE                  v  St. Brelade's S.C.

Optimists A         v  Devils Hole          Optimists A          v  Devils Hole

Trinity Arms        v  Optimists B          Trinity Arms         v  Optimists B


9th December 2010                           10th March 2011

BYE                 v  Optimists A          BYE                  v  Optimists A

Trinity Arms        v  St. Brelade's S.C.   Trinity Arms         v  St. Brelade's S.C.

Optimists B         v  Devils Hole          Optimists B          v  Devils Hole


17th March 2011    Cancelled games catch up evening.


24th March 2011    Team knockout preliminary round.

     Optimists A   v    Devils Hole


31st March 2011    Singles knockout at Devils Hole.


7th April 2011     Doubles knockout at Optimists Club.


14th April 2011    Team knockout semi-finals & finals night at St. Brelade’s SC.

     Trinity Arms  v    St. Brelade’s Social Club

Optimists B   v    Winner of the preliminary round


21st April 2011    Captains Cup at the Trinity Arms



TBA  Champion of champions

To be played at TBA.


21st May 2011  Merton Hotel


General information

Singles                 8 Games - Each game best of 3 legs.

Doubles                 4 Games - Each game best of 3 legs.

Gallon                  1 Game - Best of 3 legs.


Scoring Singles  1 Point per game with a win bonus of 3 points for the overall match winner.

                        1 Point per team for a drawn match.

Scoring Doubles  1 Point per game with a win bonus of 3 points for the overall match winner.

                        1 Point per team for a drawn match.

Scoring Gallon     Win  2 - 0    3 Points

                   Win  2 - 1    2 Points

                   Lose 1 - 2    1 Point


Special league rule

If a jack is turned up when a player requires only 1 or 2 points to finish a game, the 2 points

normally allowed can not be taken.


Games to commence by 8:30 pm


Team information             Captain                   Venue   Home

Devile Hole                  Mick Cotillard            485307  482543

Optimists A                  Sue Pugsley               731567  743976

Optimists B                  Lisa Pugsley              731567  07797 837097

St. Brelade's Social Club    Clive Reed                499290  499268

Trinity Arms                 Rob Benest                864691  483099


Lecky                        07797 716543