Fixture list 2014 - 2015

25th September 2014                         8th January 2015

Bye                  v Farmers Inn          Tivoli Tavern        v Optimists ‘B’

St. Brelade's S.C.   v Optimists ‘A’        Bye                  v St. Brelade's S.C.

Optimists ‘B’        v Motormall Devonshire Trinity Arms         v The Farmers Inn

Tivoli Tavern        v Trinity Arms         Optimists ‘A’        v Motormall Devonshire


2nd October 2014                            15th January 2015

Farmers Inn          v St. Brelade's S.C.   St. Brelade's S.C.   v Tivoli Tavern

Optimists ‘A’        v Optimists ‘B’        Motormall Devonshire v Trinity Arms

Motormall Devonshire v Tivoli Tavern        Optimists ‘B’        v Bye

Trinity Arms         v Bye                  Farmers Inn          v Optimists ‘A’


9th October 2014                            22nd January 2015

Optimists ‘B’        v Farmers Inn          Bye                  v Tivoli Tavern

Tivoli Tavern        v Optimists ‘A’        Motormall Devonshire v Farmers Inn

Bye                  v Motormall Devonshire Optimists ‘A’        v Trinity Arms

St. Brelade's S.C.   v Trinity Arms         St. Brelade's S.C.   v Optimists ‘B’


16th October 2014                           29th January 2015

Farmers Inn          v Tivoli Tavern        Bye                  v Farmers Inn

Optimists ‘A’        v Bye                  St. Brelade's S.C.   v Optimists ‘A’

Motormall Devonshire v St. Brelade's S.C.   Optimists ‘B’        v Motormall Devonshire

Trinity Arms         v Optimists ‘B’        Tivoli Tavern        v Trinity Arms


23rd October 2014                           5th February 2015

Optimists ‘B’        v Tivoli Tavern        Farmers Inn          v St. Brelade's S.C.

St. Brelade's S.C.   v Bye                  Optimists ‘A’        v Optimists ‘B’

Farmers Inn          v Trinity Arms         Motormall Devonshire v Tivoli Tavern

Motormall Devonshire v Optimists ‘A’        Trinity Arms         v Bye


30th October 2014                           12th February 2015

Tivoli Tavern        v St. Brelade's S.C.   Optimists ‘B’        v Farmers Inn

Trinity Arms         v Motormall Devonshire Tivoli Tavern        v Optimists ‘A’

Bye                  v Optimists ‘B’        Bye                  Motormall Devonshire

Optimists ‘A’        v Farmers Inn          St. Brelade's S.C.   v Trinity Arms


6th November 2014                           19th February 2015

Tivoli Tavern        v Bye                  Farmers Inn          v Tivoli Tavern

Farmers Inn          v Motormall Devonshire Optimists ‘A’        v Bye

Trinity Arms         v Optimists ‘A’        Motormall Devonshire v St. Brelade's S.C.

Optimists ‘B’        v St. Brelade's S.C.   Trinity Arms         v Optimists ‘B’


13th November 2014                          26th February 2015

Farmers Inn          v Bye                  Optimists ‘B’        v Tivoli Tavern

Optimists ‘A’        v St. Brelade's S.C.   St. Brelade's S.C.   v Bye

Motormall Devonshire v Optimists ‘B’        Farmers Inn          v Trinity Arms

Trinity Arms         v Tivoli Tavern        Motormall Devonshire v Optimists ‘A’


20th November 2014                          5th March 2015

St. Brelade's S.C.   v Farmers Inn          Tivoli Tavern        v St. Brelade's S.C.

Optimists ‘B’        v Optimists ‘A’        Trinity Arms         Motormall Devonshire

Tivoli Tavern        v Motormall Devonshire Bye                  v Optimists ‘B’

Bye                  v Trinity Arms         Optimists ‘A’        v Farmers Inn


27th November 2014                          12th March 2015

Farmers Inn          v Optimists ‘B’        Tivoli Tavern        v Bye

Optimists ‘A’        v Tivoli Tavern        Farmers Inn          Motormall Devonshire

Motormall Devonshire v Bye                  Trinity Arms         v Optimists ‘A’

Trinity Arms         v St. Brelade's S.C.   Optimists ‘B’        v St. Brelade's S.C.


4th December 2014

Tivoli Tavern        v Farmers Inn

Bye                  v Optimists ‘A’

St. Brelade's S.C.   v Motormall Devonshire

Optimists ‘B’        v Trinity Arms


End of season events


11th December 2014   Champion of Champions at The Optimists Club

                     (Optimists 'A'    V    Optimists 'B')

19th March 2015      Team knockout preliminary round – Home team venues

Farmers v Optimists A

 Devonshire v Tivoli

    Optimists B v Bye

  Trinity Arms v St. Brelade's Social Club



26th March 2015      Singles knockout at St. Brelade’s Social Club

                     Commencing at 8:15pm


9rd April 2015       Doubles knockout at The Optimists Club

                     Commencing at 8:15pm


16th April 2015      Team knockout semi-finals & finals at St. Brelade’s S.C.

                     Commencing at 8:15pm


23rd April 2015      Captains Cup at The Farmers Inn



Annual dinner at The Red Rose, Oaklands Lodge 2nd May 2015 8:00pm
Arrive 7:30pm(ish) for drinks. Closes at 12:45am
Click  then select Party Menu A
There is a coach from St. Brelade at 7:15pm and back again at 11:30pm



General information

Singles                 8 Games - Each game best of 3 legs.

Doubles                 4 Games - Each game best of 3 legs.

Gallon                  1 Game - Best of 3 legs.


Scoring Singles  1 Point per game with a win bonus of 3 points for the overall match winner.

                        1 Point per team for a drawn match.

Scoring Gallon     Win  2 - 0    3 Points

                   Win  2 - 1    2 Points

                   Lose 1 - 2    1 Point


Special league rule

If a jack is turned up when a player requires only 1 or 2 points to finish a game, the 2 points

normally allowed can not be taken.


Games to commence by 8:30 pm


Team information             Captain                   Venue   Home

Farmers Inn                      Rose Le Breton              484673   07797 736133

Motormall                        Karl Knight                 789077   07797 820483

Optimists A                      Sue Pugsley                 731567   743976

Optimists B                      Andy Pugsley                731567   741645

St. Brelade's Social Club        Clive Reed                  499290   499268

Trinity Arms                     Rob Benest                  864691   721820

Tivoli Tavern                    Paul Little                 872622   07797 738138


Lecky                            07797 716543     

Eddie Baker                   745322