IT Home page.GIF (1229 bytes) Reece's 10th birthday

(13th April 2007)

Reece and Tracy Reece with his new laptop

Reece with his new laptop

We went bowling.

Birthday boy bowling. Meg bowling

Reece Sam saying happy birthday Reece

Sam after discovering there were barbecue ribs on the menu

Back at home we had cake.

Tracy with Colin Reece, Sam and Meg

Reece reading a birthday card Opening presents

Reading a card Reece opening a present

It is a music book Sam with Meg who has just ate 6 chocolate eggs

Reece with a big box Sam and Meg looking after the bar

Here you go Reece, an ironing board It's a standing for Reece's synthesizer

Colin the cake Reece and Colin

Reece removing the chocolate Testing the synthesizer and the stand