wpe1.jpg (1218 bytes) Bahamas and St. Lucia.

31st July 2008. We set off for the Bahamas via London and Miami.

Waiting in the Jersey airport bar Roc's (The bar in Jersey airport)

Waiting in the Jersey airport bar

1st August 2008. Waiting at Heathrow for the flight to Miami.

Heathrow airport


Miami airport ticket desk


2nd August 2008. The Atlantis resort, Nassau.

The room in Beach Hotel Sitting by the rays.

By the turtles

By the sharks Dad and Reece in the "Marina Village"

3rd August 2008. We went to see the new Atlantis resort "Marina Village". We saw the Junkanoo parade.

At the bar in the Atlantis Marina Village

4th August 2008. Back in the Royal Towers hotel.

In "the dig"

Down in "The Dig" Reece at the bar

Reece in "The Market Place"

5th August 2008. We swam with the dolphins.

Reece Dad

Mum Family

Later we had an evening meal on the "Majestic Lady".


Action Action

The next day we spent it hanging with Action.


Reece Actions boat

Reece at the helm Pearl island

7th August 2008. We did the "Power Boat" trip.

First stop was to feed the iguanas.

Mum Dad

We were taken to a cove where we saw the rays and the sharks.


Dad and the ray Dad and a ray

Dad Dad feeding the ray

Reece and Dad

And back at the hotel water park.

Dad on the "Leap of faith" water slide Reece on the "Leap of faith" water slide

8th August 2008. Up at 04:00 to travel to St. Lucia via Miami.

"The Sun" in the Royal Towers casino. "The Moon" in the Royal Towers casino.

The Royal Towers reception area The Royal Towers reception area

When we landed at St. Lucia we took the helicopter to the hotel.

We went over the rain forest.

10th August 2008. We had a lovely trip on a catamaran as the Unicorn was out of action. The Unicorn was used in the Pirates of the Caribbean film.

The Unicorn Pirate Reece

The boys

Reece The Piton mountains

Anita and Mum

Mum, Dad and Me

We visited a volcano. It stank.


Man the cannon Reece and Dad


At Morgan Pier

Mum and Reece

12th August 2008. The day of the wedding. The hottest day so far!

Reece in the sand

14th August 2008.

15th August 2008.

16th August 2008. Time to go back home.

Gatwick airport Between the clouds at 38,000 feet

Time to relax!