IT Home page.GIF (1229 bytes)  Kayaking with Dad round St. Brelade's Bay, Ouainse and Portelet

9th August 2009.

Reece waiting to go. Come on Dad.

Reece checking his life jacket. Reece at Ouainse.

Going passed La Cote. Hi Dad.

Dad. A new island to explore.

Reece Reece

There were big fish in that rock pool. Reece.

Leaving the island. Reece on his way to Portelet.

Nearly there.

Reece at Portelet. Dad and Reece.

Dad's thumb and Reece. Reece.

Reece. Janvrin's tomb.

Reece. Dad standing outside Janvrin's tomb.

Reece in the doorway of Janvrin's tomb. Reece.

Reece. Reece.

Janvrin's tomb. A quick test shot with the underwater camera.

Janvrin's tomb. Lazy Reece.

Nads and Tracy. Nads and Dad.

Nads and Dad. Somewhere to park my bike.