wpe1.jpg (1218 bytes) Richard and Sarah's wedding (28th July 2001)

DSCF0001.JPG (70545 bytes) Sara, the bride.

DSCF0002.JPG (28724 bytes) Grand-dad Gereard, Granny Roma and Richard the groom.

DSCF0005.JPG (39523 bytes) Richard and Sara.


DSCF0006.JPG (21774 bytes) My great, great aunty Marie.

DSCF0007.JPG (59650 bytes) Richard and Sara having a sneaky kiss.

DSCF0008.JPG (59537 bytes) Richard and Sara.

DSCF0011.JPG (32635 bytes) Me and Rochelle.

DSCF0013.JPG (38425 bytes)

DSCF0014.JPG (54174 bytes)

DSCF0018.JPG (43536 bytes) Sara, mum and dad.

DSCF0021.JPG (45543 bytes) Dad there's cheese sandwiches on the menu!

DSCF0022.JPG (51754 bytes) Hey, I've found the great outdoors.

DSCF0023.JPG (49116 bytes) Rochelle loves weddings.

DSCF0025.JPG (58058 bytes) The cake.

DSCF0033.JPG (53893 bytes) I found a cool place to be on this 33C day.

DSCF0034.JPG (33512 bytes) Too loud for me. Time for bed.