IT Home page.GIF (1229 bytes) A trip on a canal boat.

27th July 2007.

Guildford boat house Waiting for a boat

In our first lock Smile

Nadine Lecky

The crew Lots of mud

28th July 2007

Nadine in the galley Nadine in the galley

Nadine and Tracy in the galley The river Wey

Tracy The river Wey

The river Wey Swans in the Wey

Coming up to a lock In the lock

Tracy at the lock Nadine and Tracy staying out of trouble

The river Wey Tracy at the helm

Tracy opening the lock Tracy on the Wey

The Thames lock Tracy and Nadine in the galley cooking for seven

Thames lock locked

29th July 2007 - A day at Hampton court

Thames lock locked Tracy. Has she seen a mouse?

Tracy at the Thames Out for a walk

Sam, Nadine, Tracy and Reece Waiting for a train

Waiting for the train that Lecky missed Nadine in the maze

At the center of the maze On the tour train

The mob Nadine

The blues sisters Tracy and Nadine

Nadine Goning back very late


30th July 2007. A lazy day.

The Thames lock. Still locked. Lunch

Back from a shopping trip Back up the river Wey

A tree A small horse

Under the M25 A big lunch at the Anchor at Pryford

Off for a walk Reece, Tracy and Callum

31st July 2007 - A day at Legoland

A nice lane just over Dodds bridge Waiting for a traing

Waiting for a traing Legoland

In the dragons castle at Legoland Legoland

Tracy and Callum Callum

Tracy at the Italian We got back a bit late

1st August 2007. A lazy day.

Nadine at the helm Nadine at the helm

The river Wey The river Wey

Newark priory at Pyrford Newark priory at Pyrford

Nadine Nadine

Lecky Nadine at the helm

At the White House pub, Guildford.

2nd August 2007.

Just round the cornor from the Guildford boat house. A park at Guildford

The virgin balloon Football in the park

Sunset over Guildford

3rd August 2007. A day at Chessington.

A cobweb Tracy at Chessington

Tracy at Chessington Tracy at Chessington on the Sky train

Sealions The Vampire ride

Tracy on the big wheel Tracy on the big wheel

The view from the big wheel A water ride


4th August 2007. A lazy day.

Meg by the Wey Meg and the dragonfly

Meg and the dragonfly

5th August 2007. Godalming.

Tracy at Godalming Tracy at Godalming

A pub in Godalming Godalming

Tracy having a relax Tracy having a relax

Nadine and Tracy in Bel and the Dragon Bel and the Dragon

6th August 2007. Time to go home.

Returning the boat to Guildford boathouse Sponge Bob peeping in the next boat

Sponge Bob on the loose Tracy on the bridge

Going home. Taxi John.